More than 200 installations in Kerala, Since year 2004.
We Use the following brands of products.
1. BTREE SAFE HOME - BSH 11-GSM-WL Wireless GSM security and automation system.
  • Starts the hooter alarms and switches-on master electrical lights of upto 10,000 Watts automatically, when an intrusion is detected.
  • Sends alert phone calls to many pre-programmed mobile phones when an alarm state is detected.
  • Timer - switch on/off a few lights inside and outside the house at pre-programmed time intervals. The time can be set by the user. Can switch lights of upto 1000 Watts.
  • Optional wireless, magnetic door/window open sensors, PIR human presence sensors, fire/smoke sensor, Vibration sensor, gas leak sensor, water/flood sensor, wireless panic buttons etc.
  • Arm/Dis-arm using your mobile phone and also using a high quality key switch.
  • All sensors are wireless type and operates from small batteries. The batteries in the sensors lasts for years. No wiring is required from sensors to the alarm system. High quality sensors imported from UK and USA.
  • ON/OFF upto four lights and other appliances using your mobile phone, from anywhere.
  • Wireless key-chain type panic switch - switches the alarm in case of an emergency can use for old-age members or children in the house.
  • High power Battery back up - keeps the system in working for months without AC supply
  • Multi- zone wireless intrusion detection and Multizone fire/smoke sensor with alarm
  • start panic alert from mobile phone
  • Optimised for indian electrial and climatic conditions
  • The community version of the system links all homes in the complex using wireless/GSM links. In this version the alarm is also transferred to a few designated centres in the complex (guard room/admin room ) and visually displays the House number from where the alarm occurred(CMS version). It also sends alarm calls and SMS mobile alert messages to many designated mobile numbers.

High quality powder coated metal enclosure and high reliability motherboard designed for indian climatic and electrical conditions. Works safely for many years.

GSM switch sends alarms over GSM to mobile phones and GSM Modems for ( CMS).


wireless, door open sensor

Vibration Sensor

LPG gas leak sensor

detects the Leakage of LPG /CNG in Second

panic switch

Press this switch in case of emergency

Glass Break Sensor

No power supply is required. Accurately and effectively detect the strike of glass No false alarm signal will be generated from wrong vibration signal.

wireless PIR

Passive Infra Red human presence sensors that detects human presence and movements inside the premises and other protected areas.

Flood sensor

Detects presence of water on floors

High power Alarm hooter

Produces high power alarm sound

smoke/fire sensor

CMS - Centralised alarm Management System:

This unique, innovation has revolutionized the field of electronic security in India today. CMS 24x7 Online Alerts is an indispensable service that aptly supports and furthers the effectiveness of monitoring them round - the clock, 365 days a year.

Online Alerts is an alarm system, connected via wired lines to the electronic systems installed in your premises. The moment it detects any breach of security, within seconds it alerts the i alert 24x7 Online Alerts. Alerts executives exactly pinpoint the location of the violation/intrusion and identify the nature of this violation. Depending on the seriousness of the situation, the executives inform the police, medication, fire brigade etc.

CMS Advantages
  • Gives Round-the-clock remote protection.
  • Pinpoints the exact location of the intrusion.
  • Averts a crisis and limits the damage by its quick and timely response.
  • Periodically checks for battery status, telephone line conditions, etc.
2. BTREE GSM/EDGE camera :

BTREE GSM/ EDGE Camera - compact mobile surveillance and monitoring system for transmission of high resolution video and single images via GPRS/EDGE network, so even in places with no Internet connection available.

Ideal for remote surveillance and monitoring of temporary or distant sites or mobile assets.

The images can be aquired automaticaly with programmable period and/or upon external triggers such as motion sensors or door contacts.

The video and single images can be viewed on a PC or a handheld device, and can also be transmitted to FTP-server and/or by e-mail. The video and single images can be recorded on a local microSD card and later downloaded or reviewed via built-in Web server.

Ideal for jwellery or mobile shop protection.

Main features:
  • Video clip (desirable time duration) and/or single snapshot images
  • JPEG and MPEG-4 compression Images can be saved on a local microSD card
  • Lens can be selected according to user requirements and has Built-in microphone for audio surveillance
  • Built-in Web server for monitoring via standard browser
  • can connect to wired/wireless door/window open sensors, PIR sensors, fire/smoke sensor, Vibration sensor, gas leak sensor, water/flood sensor, wireless panic buttons etc.
  • Quad Band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz GPRS/EDGE network
3. CCTV and IP Cameras, DVR and wired/wireless premise cameras.
  • It is a wireless CCTV system that shows the field vision of one or more wireless cameras on a TV set inside the house or on a dedicated monitor.
  • The internet camera version can send the field vision to any internet connected computer in the world or to a GPRS mobile phone.
  • The Video door phone is a dedicated video phone Placed at the front gate of the house to talk and see an unknown visitor, before allowing him/her into the house.
  • The DVR records video on a built in harddisk for easy review/inspection.
  • can connect to wired/wireless door/window open sensors, PIR sensors, fire/smoke sensor, Vibration sensor, gas leak sensor, water/flood sensor, wireless panic buttons etc.
  • The DVR can be connected to the door/window open sensors or pir sensors to start recording of cameras.
4. Video door phones.

Audio video door phones are essential security solution for apartments, building, residential complexes, villas and bungalows. Audio video door entry systems are can be integrated with electronic entry systems, video entry and access control systems. Outdoor panels enable access and communication between neighbours and visitors, integrating communities with society at large. Our telephones and monitors act inside the homes as centralising elements for communication, surveillance and advanced management services.

4. Automated, Lighting Management System ( LMS).

LMS is essentially a comprehensive automation system of lighting control based on Occupancy/daylight.

The settings are easily programmable to create customized lighting scenes. The system also enables ommunication between various lightings to ensure functionality in buildings.

Lighting Control essentially means switching or dimming of a lighting source either manually or automatically.

Thus lighting control becomes an important aspect in the lighting management of a building.

Energy Saving Sensor:

By the use of PIR Sensor, considerable energy can be saved by switching off the lights when the space is not in use. Savings are huge in larger facilities.

It has been estimated that a single unit of energy saved at the end use point is equal to 2.3 units of energy produced.

If energy efficient methods are implemented properly about 25000 MW equivalent capacity of power can be saved through promotion of energy efficient measures.

PIR Motion Sensor For Lights

Power Requirement AC 220 ~ 240V / 50Hz

Lighting Load Max 1,000W Incandescent or Max 300 W Fluorescent

Detection Angle Up to 120 at 20 C Detection Distance Min. 14M at 20 C

Wall Mount Wall Switch Control On / Off

Sensor Operation Auto Time Adjustment From ( 10 5) sec. to ( 4 1) minutes

5. Automated, water pump control system.

This is an intelligent system to start and stop the water pump in the residence or apartments automatically.

Diagram showing float switches installation inside water tank

Powder coated metal enclosure with micro-controller based circuit

Float switch

6. Bio-metric, thumb reader controlled front door keyless entry system.

Finger print based Door Lock with emergency keys and long battery life.

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