50W, 300VA, 600VA, 800VA, 1KVA, 2KVA, 3KVA TO 25KVA


10W PANEL, 11.1V - 2200MAh Lithium battery and  4.5W  LED BULB

  • For Home, Shops and Offices  - Actual Price Rs.3900. Special offer Price Rs.2900 only  through ebay.
  • 11.1V - 2200MAh Lithium battery - 300 charge/ recharge cycles -  Expected lifetime of  Battery:  Thee years - One year Warranty
  • Very light weight battery, but very powerful.  Fast charging of battery from solar panel
  • Eye Safe ( no UV) Reading / Study Light - Ideal for Study / Reading Light
  • Flicker free - power LED light - no eye strain 
  • No AC mains voltage enter in the unit 
  • No danger of electrical shock. The bulb works on 12V DC 
  • Gives 4 Hours light with full charge 
  • No Electricity required - charges from solar panel 
  • ( * Can also be charged using a  1A adapter) 
  • 10W 12V solar panel with more than 10 years life 
  • 4.5W , 6W or 9W - 12V DC LED bulb - > 10 years life 
  • Can connect upto Three numbers of  LED bulbs   
  • Brightness:  150 lumens per watt power LEDs.  4.5W LED  produces Equal to the light of a  14W CFL Lamp

  • Power:  Uses only 40% power of a CFL. 60% energy saving compared to a CFL

  • High quality imported diffuser on bulb that protects eyes even during long hours 
  • Two years warranty for the LED bulbs..
  • Battery over-charge protection 
  • Battery deep discharge protection 
  • Battery Charging Indicator 
  • Overload Protection 
  • * The lamp shade is not part of this product.

Duration of Light:
Average 4 Hours with one 6W LED bulb.
Can connect upto three 6W LED bulbs from one system.
Can connect one DC Fan.

Technical Specifications:
Battery: 11.1V - 2200MAh Lithium battery)
Solar panel: 10W 12 V solar panel fixed on anodised aluminium frame with 3 meters long strong cable with connector.
LED Bulb: special very high brightness 4.5W, 6W or 12W power LED bulbs with imported diffuser - (900 lumens light from 6W LED bulb)
Box: Hight quality product with ABS cabinet.
* Lamp shade not included. Can use any table lamp frame or reading lamp frame.


* For Home, Shops and Offices
* Built-in Battery: Amaron QUANTA 12 V 7.2AH
* Built-in CFL holder
* Three 15W CFL works for 2.5 Hrs
* One year warranty
* Can use for charging mobile phones
* Battery over-charge protection
* Battery deep discharge protection
* Over voltage protection
* Mains Low voltage cut off
* Mains High voltage cut off
* Battery Charging Indicator
* Overload Protection
* Stronger handle for easy use
* Weight including battery: 2.5 kg

Backup Time:
Three 15 W CFL bulbs: 2.5 hrs
One 40W tube light: 2.5 Hrs

One 11 W CFL bulb : 9 hrs

Technical Specifications:
Battery charging current: 0.8 A
Mains Low voltage cut off: 90 V
Mains High voltage cut off: 300 V
Full load voltage: 175-185V
Battery low voltage cut off: 9 V
Battery high voltage cut off: 14.3 V


Digital Home UPS PQ-300 is a multi purpose Digital Home UPS with a power output of 300VA / 250W. It is focused towards customers who want to run smaller load and have limited budget. It uses a 40 Ah / 60 Ah car or tractor battery which is already available in many homes and charges using 5A DC current. Also, it is capable of running computers without re-booting during power failure. This makes is suitable for computer backup applications at very low cost and for long backup time. Additionally, there is an optional MPPT Solar charger which charges the battery 30% faster using a 75W Solar panel.

Micro controller based PWM technology for regulated output. Three stage, (Boost, absorption and float stages) precision regulated charging for long battery life. During charging the rate of rise of the battery voltage is monitored and the charging current / terminal voltage are controlled precisely to prevent battery from ‘gassing’. This technique prolongs battery life and also eliminates the need to top up the battery (i.e. fill it with distilled water) frequently. Low battery warning and cut off to prevent the battery getting deep discharged. Very fast changeover (typically 10 msec) to ensure that your computer does not reboot during changeover.

Backup Time:
2 Fans, 2 tube lights and ( 40 W) and 2 CFL lights
or 1 PC or 1 TV
with 40 AH battery - 2 Hours.
Technical Specifications:
Mains operating Voltage:
i) Wide voltage range 100V to 280V ± 5V
ii) Narrow voltage range 170V to 265V ± 5V
Battery Parameters
Battery Voltage 12 V, Battery Capacity 40AH-65AH
Full Charge Voltage 14.5 + 0.1 V DC
Low battery cut-off voltage 10.2 + 0.2V
DC Battery Charging current (Mains Supply) 5A + 0.5 Backup mode frequency 50.0 Hz + 2%
Fuse Rating a. AC fuse 10 A V
Charge over time (Narrow Mode) < 15 ms
With Solar Charger
Solar Charger Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) Based
Recommended Solar Panel: 75 Wp
*Specifications may change in the process of products improvement.


* Pure Sine Wave Output:

Can safely and ideally operate all appliances like Fans, Bulbs, Tube Lights, Stereos, Televisions, Computers, VCRs, Photo-Coppiers, EPABX, Intercoms, Electronic Type-writters, Water Coolers, Bio-medical Instruments and any gadget which requires 220 Volt 50 Hz AC Sine Wave supply.
* Safest combination of UPS, Inverter and Voltage Stabilizer as it provides Pure Sine Wave Output.
* Micro controller digital technology
Built In Stabilizer:
*Back-up has built in Voltage Stabilizer.
* It will work in both UPS & Inverter Mode.
* This means that no extra stabilizer is needed for input AC regulation.

Technical Specifications:
*Rating Available : 800, 1000, 2000 and 3000 VA
* Nominal Input : 220 V AC, Single Phase, 50 Hz
*Input Voltage Range : 90 V to 295 V
*Inverter Output : 220 +/- 8 % V AC, Pure Sine Wave
*Total Harmonic Distortion : Less than 3%
*Output Frequency : 50.0 Hz
*Battery Charging : SMPS Charging Technology
* Inverter Efficiency : 85% Typical

Backup Chart:

Appliance    Typical load   A B C
Computer   150W   1 . .
Television   100W     1 .
Fans   70W   3   2   5
Tube Light   40W   1   2   4
CFL light   14W   6   2   6
Room cooler   250W .   1 .

With 100 AH Battery - 2.5 hours.

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